Artist Edition

Bradley Harms

A C2 x Bradley Harms Collaboration,
Art Meets Cycling

Meet Brad

For the past number of years, Bradley Harms has taken a leading role in a new and forward-looking wave of Canadian abstraction, building upon traditions within the medium, while creating work that both reflects and critiques contemporary social and technological developments.

Contemporary Artist

Harms' work addresses the manner in which we perceive painting, manipulating the ideas of surface, form, and our notion of perfection. Harms received his Masters of Fine Arts from the prestigious School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Harms has exhibited throughout Canada, and internationally, including Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Miami, Munich, Sydney, Singapore, and Tokyo.

Cycling Meets Art

“Part of the motivation behind this project is to get art lovers in love with cycling and cyclists in love with art. We’re so similar and those of us who are involved in both can see it so plainly. It’s a way of getting the two worlds together.

I’ve painted all of these lines by hand, one by one so if you actually get up to the frame or the paintings each line has a delicate wave or has some imperfection in it. I think the point of the paintings was to strive to be perfect, but always fall short.”


Air resistance is the single most critical factor that separates a fast bike from a bike that cuts through the air like a bird. KOKO means “to soar, fly” in Maori and as the name suggests, our Top Tier Aero Road model will have you smiling from ear to ear from the sheer thrill of unadulterated speed.

Taking the RERE’s Aero credentials to the next level, the KOKO now has Kamm-Tail profiles incorporated into the downtube, increasing the overall stiffness of the bottom bracket and headtube by 13.35% and 35.64% respectively. Married to our aerodynamically optimised and ergonomic MANA bar, the combination makes for a super sleek high-performance racing machine.

The KOKO also comes with adjustable compliance via a dual position seatclamp configuration that can be switched from stiff to buttery smooth depending on the rider’s personal needs and/or road conditions.

Further engineering gains via the use of Latex Mandrels for the front triangle and T47 BB creates a super rigid platform for transferring every watt you produce into forward motion. Other small yet well-considered details such as the Quick-Fit headset spacers, up to 32mm of tire clearance, vibration dampening Seatstays and Seatpost makes for a package that ticks all the right boxes.

“The long read” is a concept that resonates with Brad, bringing it forward in his work when possible. The paint surface has been adapted to transcend. By applying a clear coat (as oppose to opaque) the frame transforms through the day, from sunrise to sunset the change in light highlights the unique texture.

60 Frames Only

This exclusive design will only be produced in 60 frames worldwide. It will not be produced again. Each frameset comes with an original B’Harms signed artwork, your choice of MANA Bar, custom-painted carbon bottle cages, an anodized blue matching thru-axles/top cap, and the option to purchase an NFT.

NFTs will drop at 9 am PST on Monday, July 20, 2022. All NFT buyers will be entered into a drawing to win the physical painting ($4,000 USD value). They will receive a 10% discount on all future releases of B.Harms + Special Projects as well as other special gifts and rewards. No crypto required. NFTs will be simple to purchase with any major credit card.

Contact us for all enquiries and pre-order requests